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Film Info
Program Category:Teen Screen
Release Year:2020
Event Type:Streaming
Country of Origin:Germany
Original Language:German
Cinema Extra
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Leonie Krippendorff
Producer:Jost Hering
Screenwriter:Leonie Krippendorff
Cinematographer:Martin Neumeyer
Editor:Emma Gräf


Teenager Nora experiences first love and self-acceptance during a scorching Berlin summer. Forced to play third wheel to her boy-crazy older sister and her best friend, Nora’s life is transformed when the unconventional Romy shows up. As Nora begins to find herself and assert her own identity, she is pressured to choose between her sister and the enigmatic Romy. Gorgeously photographed, COCOON stands among the very best queer coming of age films. AGES 14+

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