STAGE: The Culinary Internship

No Longer Available

Film Info
Program Category:Documentary Festival Favorites
Release Year:2019
Event Type:Streaming
Country of Origin:Canada
Original Language:English
Film Sponsor:Milwaukee Magazine
Cinema Extra
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Abby Ainsworth
Producer:Abby Ainsworth
Lindsay Kutner
Screenwriter:Abby Ainsworth
Cinematographer:Ben Ainsworth
Editor:Jordan Kawai
Nicolas Kleiman


Abby Ainsworth follows 30 young chefs, selected from over 1,500 applicants across the globe to intern in the kitchen at Mugaritz, a renowned molecular gastronomy restaurant nestled in the hills of Basque country, under the discerning eye of its founder. Witnessing this experience, known as a “stage” in the culinary world, reveals the pressures and challenges facing the next generation of rockstar chefs as they develop their inspiration, creativity, and technical skills.

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