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Film Info
Program Category:GenreQueer
American Independents
Release Year:2020
Event Type:Streaming
Country of Origin:United States
Original Language:English
Cinema Extra
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Matthew Fifer
Kieran Mulcare
Producer:Jeremy Truong
Ramsis Myrthil
Screenwriter:Matthew Fifer
Cinematographer:Eric Schleicher
Editor:Matthew Fifer
Kyle Sims


After a string of failed relationships, Ben, a young bisexual, enters into an interracial relationship with Sam. Set against the backdrop of the Jerry Sandusky trial, Ben and Sam’s relationship becomes a tender and tense exploration of past traumas. A stylistic tour de force that features its director and writer in the lead roles, Cicada blurs the line between fiction and autobiography. IndieWire calls Cicada “a sexy and searing act of gay self-analysis.”

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