Decade of Fire

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Film Info
Program Category:Institutional Health and Well-Being
Release Year:2018
Event Type:Streaming
Country of Origin:United States
Original Language:English
Film Sponsor:Manpower Group
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Vivian Vázquez Irizarry
Gretchen Hildebran
Producer:Vivian Vázquez Irizarry
Gretchen Hildebran
Julia Steele Allen
Neyda Martinez
Screenwriter:Vivian Vázquez Irizarry
Gretchen Hildebran


A shocking but untold piece of American urban history, filmmakers Gretchen Hildebran and Vivian Vásquez chronicle a series of South Bronx fires that raged throughout the 1970s. Left unprotected by the city government, nearly a quarter-million people were displaced as their close-knit, multiethnic neighborhood burned to the ground.