Blood Brother
Oriental Theatre Screen 1Thu, Oct 10, 2013 7:30 PM Event Date Passed
Film Info
Section:Spotlight Presentations (Presented by Donald & Donna Baumgartner)
Runtime:93 min
Event Type:Features
Country of Origin:USA
Original Language:English/Tamil
Subtitles:English/Tamil with English subtitles
Film Sponsor:Kapco
Community Partners:Penfield Children’s Center
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Steve Hoover
Cast:Rocky Braat
Steve Hoover
Executive Producer:Steve Hoover
Leigh Blake
John Carlin
Producer:Danny Yourd
Screenwriter:Phinehas Hodges
Steve Hoover
Tyson VanSkiver
Cinematographer:John Pope
Editor:Steve Hoover
Tyson VanSkiver
Claude LaVallee
Discovering joy in a dire situation, "Blood Brother" is the award-winning, film festival sensation that follows the journey of two friends discovering the unmistakable impact of love in the lives of those that society otherwise ignores. When Rocky Braat first traveled to India, it was as a tourist looking to find meaning for a life that had gone off course, marred by childhood neglect. While there, he visited an orphanage that serves as both school and care center for women and children suffering from HIV and AIDS. The visit stayed with him throughout the rest of his journey, and Rocky soon returned and volunteered for the duration of his stay. He then encouraged his best friend, director Steve Hoover, to join him and see the life-changing experience of helping to take care of these kids. When Hoover arrives, he discovers how much these children depend on Rocky for love and support and just how total his commitment is in return, caring for them unconditionally while others shy away in fear. Astonishingly resonant, both heartrending and uplifting, this doc has accumulated festival awards at a remarkable clip (including both Audience and Jury awards at Sundance), making for one of the year's most transformative movie experiences.